Land Lot No. 930

Land Lot No. 930

  • Geran No.186426
  • Locality: Mukim and District of Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus
  • Land Title Area: 68.8243 Hectares


  • Annual Rent: RM 5,512.00
  • Tenure:  Freehold 
  • Restriction-In-Interest: Nil
  • Category of Land Use: Nil

Surrounding Developments 

The surrounding neighbourhood around the Lands were previously mainly agricultural based, comprising both smallholders’ lots and large estates planted with rubber tree or oil palm. With recent developments in the neighbourhood, the locality has gradually changed to a more residential and commercial character.
One of the significant developments is the establishment of a modern housing scheme in the neighbourhood as evidenced by Taman Bukit Mutiara which is located next to the Property.
Also, other development schemes in progress include Taman Desa Temiang, Seremban Country Heights (Taman Bukit Desa), Taman Bukit Mika, Taman Kota Mas, Taman Lucky Heights, Bukit Florida, Taman Desa Temiang and Taman Chip Aik. Tun Dr. Ismail Light Industrial Area was also one of the commercial developments in the surrounding neighbourhood.



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