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Business climates are rapidly changing these days as the world moves towards embracing the technologies of Industry 4.0. The fine line between the physical and virtual world will continue to blur and businesses will pick up on the trend to move towards a more digitalised, automated operation. Following this, we can expect stricter regulatory controls to spring up in the future to monitor and control the development of businesses. The eventual outcome? Businesses will have to spend more time in understanding and addressing the ever-evolving business requirements.
At Baker Tilly GBS, we understand how important resources are to businesses in terms of time, human capabilities and money. We provide optimized business process solutions and services so businesses can focus on developing their core competency to survive in this constantly changing business environment. Why not let the professionally trained experts worry about your business regulatory requirements and administrative operations of your businesses for you?
Our professionals are periodically sent on training to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest business regulatory requirements. As a business process solutions service provider, we also assist our clients in the optimization of their administrative processes including the streamlining of accounting, bookkeeping as well as human resources processes.
The core services of GBS include the following:

•Finance, Accounting and Administrative services;
•Finance and Accounting on-site outsourcing services;
•HR Administrative and Payroll Management services;
•Support services for Start-Ups and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs);
•Compliance of Section 17A of the MACC Act;
•Preparation of Sustainability Report and Corporate Governance Report;
•Financial-related training; and
•Global Employment Services.

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Global Business Solutions
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