Business Casual Dress Code

The age of stuffy colors and restrictive clothing is largely coming to an end as the world advances. Companies are now marching to the trend of allowing employees more freedom and autonomy in the way they work and what they wear - a trend that also fits the notion that there is a correlation between comfort and efficiency. 

Furthermore, it is well-known that dressing comfortably can help to enhance a person's general mood. From the fast-paced offices in Silicon Valley to Steve Jobs' iconic black turtleneck, the increase of productivity from wearing casual clothing was well-embraced to produce great results and is now dominating corporate offices worldwide. The choice of large accountancy and auditing firms to follow suit was thus a given, as the profession involves travelling and a standard of efficiency to rise above the competition.

Being one of the world's top accountancy and auditing network firm also means that Baker Tilly is always growing and evolving to embrace even more opportunities presented by the exciting now, in order to set the foundations for tomorrow. As formality becomes more of a choice than an absolute, the openness of business casual wear breaks barriers of rigidity and allows for flexible and friendlier communication not only between work colleagues, but also with clients as meetings could take place in areas outside of just offices in high-rise buildings or in much more easygoing social events and outings. 

Giving our Baker Tillians that edge needed and also a platform to express themselves as comfortably as they can is also an important part of our commitment to workplace wellness. Work-related stress is prevalent due to our fast-paced society and being able to dress and work comfortably in a safe environment is essential for our physical and mental well-being. 

So may the days of necktie nooses rest in peace as business casual is here to stay.