Workplace Wellness

At Baker Tilly Malaysia, we recognize that a company succeeds when its people succeed. That is why we take an active approach in our wellness initiatives.
Establishing workplace wellness enhances the physical and mental well-being of an individual while contributing to their drive to improve and grow. This is increasingly important as most of the world’s 3.4 billion workers are unwell in some aspect – be it chronic diseases, stress, mental illnesses, or significant economic insecurity. 

Baker Tilly Pause 

Baker Tilly Pause is an annual holiday period whereby our firm is closed for a consecutive amount of days and employees can 'pause' their work.


Ministry of Burn  

A boutique gym right by our building's doorstep, Ministry of Burn is almost like our own personal gym where employees get discounted classes and can get a good work out to end their day.



O@s1s is our multi-purpose space where employees can relax by playing Street Fighter, shoot some balls or darts, and enjoy a snack or drink from the vending machines.


Yoga & Metafit 

We hold free Yoga and Metafit sessions in O@s1s every month for our employees to enjoy a refreshing work out. 


Business Casual Dress Code 

Comfort at the workplace isn't only about the work environment, it is also important for people to be able to dress comfortably. A business casual dress code is thus the best way to achieve this.