Update - Wage Subsidy Program (8 Apr 2020)

Kuala Lumpur, 3 April 2020 Further to the announcement under PRIHATIN Plus on 6 April 2020 and our tax bulletin earlier, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Enhanced Wage Subsidy Programme (WSP) was issued on 7 April 2020 to provide further clarifications on the WSP. Click HERE for the FAQ. 

We would like to highlight the following significant points from the above FAQ :-

• The condition for a decrease of more than 50% of revenue by comparing the total sales revenue in January 2020 with those in the subsequent months is not applicable to employers whose number of employees is 75 or below;

• The employer and their employees must be registered or contribute to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO). In addition, the employer must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)/local authorities and commence its operation, both before 1 January 2020.

• The employer is allowed to make the application (via prihatin.perkeso.gov.my) starting from 9 April 2020. The application date for the subsidy closes on 15 September 2020, subject to the remaining funds allocated or any other decision made by the Government.

For any enquiries or assistance, please contact any of the following in this office:

Mr Anand Chelliah
Managing Partner, Tax Services
Asia Pacific Tax Leader
DL: +6 (0)3 2297 1093

Mr Marcus Tan
Executive Director (Corporate Tax & Tax Incentive), Tax Services
DL: +6 (0)3 2297 1521

Mr Yohan Francis
Executive Director (Transfer Pricing), Tax Services
DL: +6 (0)3 2297 1096

Mr Murugan Anbanantham
Director (Technical), Tax Services
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Ms Tay Siew Chu
Associate Director (Corporate Tax & Personal Tax), Tax Services
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Ms Sandra Saw
Associate Director (Corporate Tax & Sales Tax and Service Tax), Tax Services
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